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About me

I have always considered myself as someone who finds the art in people, scenery, love, realtionships and the simple things in life. Noticing the little things has always been my "art."


I started playing with a camera really young and the earliest memory I have is my dad letting me take a shot with the "nice" family camera while on a cruise to Cabo. I have never let go of that feeling looking for the perfect spot and moment to snap away. From that moment on, both my love for nature and photography was born. .

I decided to pursue a BA degree in Public Relations, because the business side of art is really important. I knew I wanted to apply it while building my own business, I love working closely with my clients and making sure we are a right fit every step of the way. I always look at every shoot as a collaboration while listening to my clients needs.


I love to travel especially for weddings and I have covered the vast majority of California when it comes to Photography. My favorite towns to shoot in are, El Dorado Hills, Amador, San Diego, Napa, San Francisco, Denver and Nashville. I travel often and I am always open to new adventures. 

I love music, inspirational/informational/motivational books/blogs. I love to laugh and make other people smile, I love to shop and find deals but I also love finding young brands and try to support them whenever I can.  When I am not out in the world both locally and traveling for work, or enjoying a quiet run, I am a total home body and you may find me nestled with my husband, two girls and two furry children, somehwere  between California & Tennessee. 


Amador Cellars, CA | Jeff + Dana 

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