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Timber + Main | Every creation begins with a tiny spark | Sacramento, CA

Every great thing begins with a spark. Sounds cliche, however for this company, Timber + Main from Northern California, that just might be quite a literal statement.

Timber + Main creates custom furniture for their clientele. They have been growing and have already started to create a name for themselves with local retailers as well as grown as a competitor for many big name furniture stores.

Timber + Main was inspired by two people who love the outdoors and most of all respect nature. Russell is a mechanical engineer and Kelly works for a non profit organization. The marriage of not only their souls but their business could not be better matched.

Kelly says, the most difficult part about working together as a couple is separating the business with their lives. Given they have made their garage into their own personal shop, that makes a lot of sense to an everyday observer.

"Their ideas stem best over a hot beverage," says Kelly... My thoughts exactly when I saw these gorgeous cutting boards they posted... this must have been created in their minds, while in their beautiful kitchen over something yummy. I had to see these in person, along with some of their amazing work. They make everything from tables, night stands, shelving, you name it. If it is or can be made of wood, the options are endless.

Their hardest lesson learned while adventuring into some of their custom work, has been not fully understanding how much the price tag will cost them at the end, which also includes their time spent.

They have also been asked to create custom furniture mocking high end furniture stores, such as Pottery Barn. These projects are difficult being that everything they put into their work comes with integrity. For example, down to the wood, which is solid. That is something not every furniture can offer, and in fact is quite rare to find in this mass produced world.

I love everything about this company and the people who stand behind it. Please check out their work, and follow them for some exciting things in the works! || @timberandmain


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