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8th + Division | An Industrial Dream

Walking into this beautiful event space, self titled 8th & Division, in Nashville, TN, I had goosebumps. The feelings of not just an event space but a rich moody template for so many different occasions were thought of, along with the dream of a real live space.

There is so much to be said about the subtle marriage between a dream, a vision and something coming to life. Brick and Mortar became the theme vision repeated in my head the whole time I was walking this space. Maybe because it was simply in my face, but it's also something very familiar to me in my personal life. From watching my grandparents build businesses brick by brick and lifelong dreams and now my husband the past 15 years inspired by his father and grandparents.. It's not just a dream, a vision, or even a livelihood. It's a way of life.

I could not have thought of a more perfect space than 8th & Division to celebrate a new business, launch a new album or simply bring a small circle of close friends together to celebrate a new marriage. Nestled in the heart of the Gulch of Nashville there is no other place like it.

From the beautiful rich blue walls with a pop of natural light, hitting the copper pendant lights bringing the essence of a nautical vibe to the exposed rafters, piping and brick and mortar, 8th and Division is an Industrial Dream!



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