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Hope + Light | A Photography Workshop

So I’m working on something real exciting that a lot of you know about. After 10 years of putting in my time as a professional photographer and business owner, my heart is stretching to more places and I’ve felt it in my gut for a few years now. The timing is now. This October, I will finally be launching live and online workshops, with many different topics. I’m overwhelmed with the amount of you are showing up really interested and eager to learn. You have no idea how much that alone fuels the fire in my heart to help all of you and others.

I started a facegroup group which already has over 70 members. It is a private invite group where I’ll be sharing all the things regarding this workshop and a lot of fun info such as this very blog post, also hoping to form a community of like minded people. To request to Join click below or search in Facebook under the title of this blog post : Hope + Light | A Photography Workshop

Within the group we started discussing all the different cameras we have so I can get a feel for what tools y’all are using to capture your families. I will have many different subjects for my workshops and one of them is how to use your phone to capture your babies childhood, however I also highly recommend investing in that beginner DSLR and below I wanted to share my thoughts explaining why.

Alright so we discussed iPhones a bit, and in a perfect world we could use our iPhone for all the things, it definitely works for capturing the majority of our babies’ childhood, it is definitely do able and I highly recommend using it whenever possible, but if you’d like to take things a step farther and capture your child’s life from an artistic perspective with photos that could be truly preserved for a lifetime, you’ll want to purchase at least a beginner DSLR. There’s a few reasons below what differentiates the two from each other.

DSLR’S have a physical shutter and optical viewfinder compared to a smart phone that has an electronic shutter and display. There are some benefits to both Which is why an iPhone is not a horrible tool for capturing images...

A DSLR has a variable focal length and aperture. This allows the DSLR to regulate the amount of light that enters the camera which produces images of better quality.

The processor is just for photos on a DSLR rather than all the things a phone needs to process besides photos - this is why it sometimes shuts down or gets too hot - A DSLR camera knows its’ only job is to process images therefore you’ll miss less shots and maintain the quality you couldn’t possibly contain with an iPhone.

Just a comparison, Have you ever had multiple windows open at one time on a computer and not only does your computer run slower but it also sometimes shuts down or crashes? The same thing can happen with an iPhone more frequently than a DSLR.

Here are the few I recommend: To make it easy I chose the top 3, from one of my favorite sites, B&H Photo/video. I highly recommend purchasing from them if you buy online. You can also click on the brand to read more about each company before you choose a camera.

Good luck! I cannot wait to see you show up to my workshops!!



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