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A breath of fresh air | Mint Springs Farms

As the cool front settled into Nashville last week it came at a perfect time the day I had planned to tour Mint Springs Farms in Nolansville, TN. It definitely created the most perfect atmosphere to truly take in the magic of this venue. From the long, dramatic gravel road entrance to the refreshing fountain garnished bridal suite I didn't think it could get any more perfect. Then I entered the bridal suite.. Not only is it nestled into this sweet private encompassing hill, literally every detail thought of that would create any brides dream of a flawless getting ready space.

I could not get enough of the fun antique decor and the ways the beauty stations were set up for success to impress. Anyone with that magic beauty wand ready to get to work, had it all ready for them, each station is equip with its' own electrical outlet, set up high enough for the hair wizards to work their magic and the photographers to get the perfect shots.

This port swing screamed peaceful moments of quiet alone time while the bride writes out her vows, or those moments the father of the bride see's his daughter for the first time. The vintage touch on the porch swing is everything!

The open air pew filled ceremony site just up the hill from the bridal suite essentially brought me to tears. If it wasn't the perfectly washed white wood from floor to ceiling that any photographer drools over, it was the ethereal draperies and the over dramatic chandeliers hanging above the spot where the couples say "I do." Not to mention the view of the fountained pond and the grand sliders and windows that could be pulled shut without forgoing natural light wether it be a hot humid day or rain in the forecast.

And I mean I could have spent all day in this sweet little spot but then I entered the barn... I would happily take up residence in this barn let alone plan a wedding here. The thought and detail that have gone into this stunner is unparalleled. It is quite apparent that this place was a dream brought to life, intertwining the magic of love and the thoughtfulness of true southern hospitality.

You know you've done it well when every space is full of comfort and peace, with not one corner of stale air. This is not just a wedding venue.. It is one big breath of fresh air in the wedding industry. This is a place where the beginning of a love story and marriage, inspires a lifetime of dreams.



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