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Spring Haven Mansion and Estate

From the moment I drove into the entrance of this historically rich wedding venue, Spring Haven Mansion and Estate, I got goosebumps that lasted until I left. The good kind, the kind that welcomed you. It’s hard to explain the feeling quite right, but my heart settled a bit knowing that something so beautiful and historical still stands, operates and celebrates human life and beautiful moments. 

Spring Haven mansion and estates, located in the heart of Hendersonville, TN is the epitome of what offers a true southern wedding. A hidden gem that the Sutherland family who were raised in Tennessee and have a grown son are proud owners. They are currently working as a family to update and restore this magical place, while appreciating and living on the property daily. 

Originally owned and ran by, Andrew Jackson’s Doctor. Jackson would travel by boat down the Cumberland River from his estate to Spring Haven to be seen. 

Pictured above was the property's original barn built at the cusp of the 1800's. This barn now belongs to Spring Haven Mansion's neighbors and resides on their own property line but it has been preserved and is an incredible site to see still standing.

Everything that mints the authenticity of the property, including two barns that were built in the 1800's as well as an outdoor "ice house" and "smoke room," still fully in tact.

Everything from weddings, to showers and private dinners can be arranged here with many options to make your event unique and unforgettable.

This historical cabin which has also been an original structure since the 1800's is equipped with all the amenities and can be booked on airbnb all year round. It is a perfect little place to hang your hat during bass fishing tournaments or stay for a week to soak in the rich history and beautiful nature of Tennessee.

You might recognize this location particularly because of a famous country artist who graced this estate with her presence back in 2008, Taylor Swift. Click Here to see this swing in the photo shoot she had at the Spring Haven Estate. This exact Swing was doctored up with Ivy, and the photos from this shoot made it to the September Issue of Country Music Weekly in 2008.

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