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Why I love Amador Cellars | Capturing the essence of Country Weddings in Northern California

I remember when I first heard about Amador Cellarsopening and I could not even contain my excitement that a venue had finally thought of everything! At this point I had been photographing weddings for a number of years and had also come to realize that my style was exactly this combination that Amador Cellars was offering. The laid back, Country feel of a Northern California, backyard wedding with plenty of open space for guests to mingle afterward; you cannot help but feel as if you're at home in your own backyard. Then the outrageously stunning barn built from scratch showcases that classic barn feel while still providing a little glitz with their subtle but sparkly chandelier. The grand barn doors any craftsman lover would dream of, offer the perfect spot for group portraits of the wedding party. Not to mention the ability to allow a romantic low lit ambiance with twinkle lights warming up the wooden walls inside the barn as dusk settles. The position of the barn {with the back of the barn facing west} also allows the sunset to perfectly creep into the barn and cast a glow while guests are toasting to the bride and groom. They. literally. though. of e v e r y t h i n g. The best part is that they only host so many weddings a year which keeps its' charm and desirability. I am so incredibly honored to be a photographer on their "preferred vendor list" for over 5 years now. Below you will find one of my first and favorite weddings that I photographed there that captures the beautiful essence of a true country living wedding.  Bride & Groom: Jeff + Dana of El Dorado Hills, CA - September 27, 2014


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